With nearly half a century of experience in the mastic sealant business, we know a thing or two about sealing & bonding materials. Our own brand range of premium products are available online, over the phone and in-store at trade prices.

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Get some inspiration for using our fantastic product range from DIY to professional


The 3C Sealants gallery is a showcase of our customers' usage pictures. It's often helpful to visualise a product in use. We make our entire range with as broad a range of applications as is sensible in mind, so as not to limit the potential uses of each product. Although the general uses and benefits are listed on the individual items, we find that our customers constantly find new ways to utilise the high quality materials for their own bespoke projects and tasks... We like this fact 🙂 Take a look below for some inspiration. (Please feel free to send us your pictures using 3C Sealants products to add to the gallery)

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